Make It Snow @ Baird Creek Greenway

In August of 2022, the City of Green Bay Parks Department got approval to purchase two snow cannons (snow makers) for Triangle Hill Sports Area at the Baird Creek Greenway at the cost of $500,000. This is exceptional news for the community in order to have snow on the hill at Baird Creek for outdoor recreation. But there is still a need for a snow groomer!!! We need to be able to make the snow hills safe and usable for sledders, skiers, and snowboarders. Our goal, with your help, is to fund a snow groomer to allow the snow hill to be open consistently!

Why is this important?

The City of Green Bay has asked BCPF to help raise the funds for the groomer so that the sledding and ski hills can be open for 2023/2024 winter season. That means that the foundation will be raising funds from December 2022-June 2023 to purchase a groomer.

The foundation feels strongly about the environment and teaching our community about the need for nature and becoming stewards of it, but we also feel strongly about getting our community active outdoors. One big driving factor is getting kids moving, off electronics, and helping them realize that outdoors can help mental health.

With the constant changes in our climate, we have seen less than ideal conditions for both the sledding and ski hills at Baird Creek to open during winter as it requires 8-10 inches of snow as a base to open. Throughout the winter of 2020/2021 the hills were only open 3 times and during 2021/2022 the hill was not open at all. Purchasing a snow groomer will allow the hill to be open consistently for our community to use.

Getting outside during the winter and something as simple as sledding is a childhood right!

Why us:

Our community’s youth needs access to an area where they can be outside and have some childhood experiences that are fun and most importantly at a low cost. We believe we as a community need to advocate for more affordable, accessible experiences for our kids. That means the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation would like to raise the funds to cover the snow groomer since the City of Green Bay has committed to purchasing snow makers.

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