...in May of 2020, the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation was able to purchase an additional 27+ acres of private property that is now zoned greenspace and is now public land. Eventually after restoration work we will gift the land to the City of Green Bay so that it is always protected as urban greenspace.

The areas purchased were an old growth forest with Baird Creek running through it, and an agricultural field that we will restore to native prairie. We, here at the Foundation, are always looking to add land to the Baird Creek Greenway to offer more and improved habitat for flora and fauna, protect valuable ecosystems, and add additional recreation spaces.

We have just been offered the chance to purchase another 13 acres adjacent to the Greenway and so our time in the near future will entail writing grants and seeking funding to purchase this additional acreage to add to the Baird Creek Greenway. Neighbors to this 13 acres have said turtles crawl into Baird Creek every year to lay their eggs and then come back to these parcels, so wildlife habitat, along with the numerous wetlands in the acres, mean we want to protect this area!

See pictures of the acreage we are looking at purchasing next… And if you are interested in helping with restoration work or support land purchases click on the links below.