Educational Art Sculpture Project @ Baird Creek

At the Baird Creek Greenway, we would like to bring together education, nature and art to enrich the lives of our local community, especially youth. We would like to offer an accessible experience of educational art for exploration and learning by any child or adult who visits the Baird Creek Greenway at no cost. In 2023, the foundation is installing 10 habitat signs throughout the greenway which will highlight 10 of the different biological communities we have in the greenway. The 500-acre Baird Creek Greenway is home to 400+ plant species, 18 diverse biomes, and 4 ecosystems all which we can continue to protect by making our community more aware of what lives and grows in the areas of the greenway and why they are important.

We have raised the funds to install two art sculptures adjacent to habitat signage that would specifically highlight and teach about a certain bird, tree, animal or pollinator from that area. The overall project would encompass the installation of 10 artist works created by local artists throughout the greenway in correlation with the habitat signage.

The art pieces would highlight the living things of the Baird Creek Greenway through representation in art. Each sculpture would also have an element or elements of exploration and learning incorporated into it, as well as signage that would highlight the features within the sculpture. The focus will be hands-on educational nature exploration and learning through art. The art pieces will bring awareness to our symbolic wildlife, trees and creek dwellers that are native to the area, increase the awareness of art as an educational tool, and create a fun draw for the community and our youth to see and learn about these local gems through encouraging kids to be kids through the action of play.


Name Funding
Anonymous $15,000
Wisconsin Public Service Foundation $10,000

Project Costs

Item Amount
10 Art Sculptures $150,000
10 Bases $30,000
10 Educational Signs $30,000
Design Fees $5,000
Delivery $10,000
Communication/Planning/Overhead Costs $10,000
Grand Opening Event $5,000
TOTAL $240,000


Contact Us: 


PO Box 824, Green Bay, WI 54305