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100 Miles in May: Run It, Bike It, Hike It

2nd Annual Distance Challenge hosted by the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation

Register NOW through May 31, 2021 to participate!!!

This Distance Challenge encourages participants to get out in nature. Spend time on your local trails and roads to track 100 miles of activity in May. You can complete your 100 miles anywhere, anytime, in the month of May, and get a Baird Creek Medal for it!

Participate in our 100 Miles in May to help us continue to do the necessary maintenance and improvements in the Baird Creek Greenway, and challenge yourself to keep moving! You can track your miles ANYWHERE, it does not have to happen in the Greenway, and can be any mixture of running, biking,



Step 1:  Register by clicking on the tickets to the right.

Step 2: You will receive an invite email to join the Challenge Runner App within a day. You are able to track your activity by syncing to your favorite device or manually track your activities. (Participants may use a supported activity tracking device to record the daily distance traveled and transmit this number into the ChallengeRunner.com system. Although activity trackers are supported, they are not required. Participants can enter their own data using the ChallengeRunner website or ChallengeRunner App.)

In order to receive data from tracking devices, each participant must first install the appropriate software and create an account on the activity tracker’s website. Every participant must then authorize ChallengeRunner.com to capture individual data as follows:

After logging in, the participant must click the Profile link at the top of the home page and then click the Authorize link. On the tracker website shown the user must enter their ID and Password they created when they first registered the device.

Once the device is authorized, the user must ensure that they connect their device to the activity tracker’s website at least once per day to sync data.

Devices should be synced every day; however, participants may take up to seven days after the log date to sync data.

This challenge will run for four weeks. At the conclusion of four weeks, the participants who have reached the 100-mile mark who selected the option to receive a medal, will receive a finisher medal so they can showcase their efforts to be active in May and their support of the Baird Creek Greenway.

New This Year: The top two people with the most miles will receive a special prize.

Medals will be shipped out within 3 weeks of the end of the finishing date of May 31 to the address you listed on your registration.

Get your shoes on and run, bike, hike, or all 3, in nature…