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Nature is essential. Nature never closes. Nature is open to everyone.

On February 16 – 17, noon to noon, support your local environmental haven…

18 distinct biological communities, 4 distinct ecosystems, 400+ plant species, and 14 miles of trails…

Our Foundation cares for the Baird Creek Greenway and Watershed. What that means to the community is we are continuously working to restore areas of Baird Creek to natural habitat for the health and wellbeing of our local environment, protect the unique ecosystems that exist there, and create areas for learning. We are also in charge of trail maintenance and improvements such as the Biking Skills Park we’re working to install at the Greenway. Another focus is on purchasing property in order to expand the amount of greenspace available to the community to use, as well as to create buffers against pollution and other factors that would hurt our waterways.

As a community…this is your greenspace, this is your urban haven! So with your support we…remove what can hurt it…restore what can help it…and create spaces where everyone can enjoy nature even more!

History: The Baird Creek Preservation Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the preservation and restoration of the Baird Creek Greenway and Watershed in order to enhance its value as an ecological, recreational, and educational resource for generations to come. Our organization was founded in 1997, when community members rallied to save and preserve a 40-acre section of the Baird Creek Greenway being sold to developers. Today we care for 500+ acres of Greenway and 100 acres of Watershed. Since the inception of the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation (BCPF), tens of thousands of man hours and substantial donations have been made to preserve, restore, maintain, improve, and add acreage to the Baird Creek’s Watershed and Greenway. The land is owned by the City of Green Bay but in partnership with them, the Foundation does the above actions, in order to protect the 18 distinct biological communities, 4 distinct ecosystems, 400+ plant species, and 14 miles of trails. We continue to fulfill our mission in caring for our urban recreational/nature area through wetland restoration, creek bank restoration, pollinator habitat restoration, oak savanna restoration, invasive removal, science-based educational programing, ecosystems protection/enhancements and trail improvements.

Click here to support Baird Creek on the 16th – 17th!