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Grades: 3rd- 8th Grade
Dates: July 29 – Aug 1 (Monday – Thursday)
Times: 9:00AM – 11:30AM


With a nod to the book Hatchet…..what if you were forced to land a plane in the wilderness with no phone, no food, and no shelter? What would you do? This thrilling camp will teach you how to provide for your basic needs: clothing, shelter, food, water, medicine, and navigation. Let’s see if you can survive in Baird Creek!

Daily Needs:

Just like the crayfish in Baird Creek, a day of fun will often include mud, muck, and dirt. Please send an old pair of shoes that are acceptable for walking, hiking, and exploring the creek. We advise that each child comes with a change of clothes each day so that we can send them home dry and keep your car from looking like a nature habitat itself. Each day there will be snack time so please send a snack and a refillable water bottle labeled with your child’s first and last name. We recommend that you also send a small towel for cleaning up and a backpack to carry everything in! On light rain days we advise that your child also bring a plastic poncho; on heavy rain days/stormy days, activities will be held indoor. Every day of summer camp at Baird Creek will involve lots of walking and exploring. Dress your child appropriately and spray on sunscreen before they leave home each day!


Ms. Lisa has over 30 years of elementary education experience with 26 years in a 2nd grade classroom. Working with children is her passion. “It brings me joy and fills my heart. Children are so inquisitive and love to learn!” Ms. Lisa is excited to be part of the summer camp program to help children explore in habitats perfect for learning and appreciating nature. Ms. Janis has over 14 years as a 5th grade teacher with a focus on science. She is extremely passionate about environmental education. She believes that educating children about our natural world is crucial. Her key goal is to relate learning to a child’s world around them through hands-on activities. “I am extremely excited for the opportunity to continue teaching our children about the environment, and using Baird Creek as our classroom.” Ms. Allie has a degree in Biology with a focus on fish and is finishing her graduate studies in Education. Ms. Allie is passionate about Baird Creek and what we do. She is excited to share her knowledge with kids and increase their passion for the outdoors.

Please Review All Camp Guidelines Here: Camp Guidelines