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Give back and help us keep Baird Creek beautiful! On Saturday, August 21st, we will be in various sections of Baird Creek wading, canoeing, or walking and picking up garbage and any other unwanted items out of the water and off the banks! All volunteers can meet in the soccer field parking lot next to Riverside Ballroom at 1546 Main St. where coffee and snacks will get you going, courtesy of Starbucks. From there, we will have 3 different sections of the creek to work on, each with their own volunteer leader. Wear clothes, waders, wetsuits, etc that you don’t mind getting wet and muddy as well as boots or old shoes. You can also bring your kayak or canoe to reach the middle of the creek but please let us know if you plan to bring one so we do not have too many.


***Please bring rope and grappling hooks if possible to help us get big items such as tires from the water.


If you plan to attend, please email lexi@bairdcreek.org and also let us know if you plan to bring your kayak/canoe.