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Grab your family or small group of friends and see if you can solve the mystery of “Whooodunnit in Baird Creek”!

This creative new event will allow small groups and families (2 – 4 people) the opportunity to solve the mystery of “Whooodunnit” while exploring the Baird Creek Greenway. Groups purchase a ticket time and then arrive during that time period to be assigned a staggered start time to their adventure to promote physical distancing. Upon completion, each group will receive a basket of food & beverage to take home and enjoy at your leisure. Please choose your basket type during checkout.

One ticket buys you either a 2 person or 4 person attendance, a time slot, and a basket.  Make sure you choose the attendee number and time slot you want by clicking on the plus sign to add that one ticket for your group to your cart.

This is a great event for both children and adults involving riddles and rhymes…can you solve it in time?

Cost is:
2 person group $30.00 (five groups allowed per time slot)
4 person group $40.00 (five groups allowed per time slot)

Any questions contact kristine@bairdcreek.org or 920-328-3505.