The Baird Creek Greenway is an urban gem and offers topography in a park like setting that does not exist elsewhere in the Green Bay and surrounding area.  The trails offer a wide range of skill levels and usage; hiking, walking, biking, mountain biking, etc.

The Baird Creek Preservation Foundation (BCPF) has a dedicated group of Mountain Bikers who maintain all aspects of the trails other than cutting out large fallen trees.  All trail improvements, changes, updates, and maintenance is taken care of by these dedicated volunteers.  We are always looking to make the trails safer, more user friendly, and enjoyable by all. Upcoming projects include: a bridge, trail signage, biking skills course, boardwalks.

There is one paved trail through the Baird Creek Greenway.  It begins near the falls at the lower parking lot on Baird Creek Rd and connects all the way to the East River trail behind East High School.  The trail is perfect for those looking for a relaxing walk through nature and is handicap accessible.  There are numerous dirt trails running through the Greenway with multiple start and end points.  Walking, biking, hiking, cross country skiing are just some of the recreational opportunities on the Baird Creek Trails!


The Baird Creek Greenway is an ecological gem; it has at least 18 distinct biological communities, between 400-500 plant species, and supports a great diversity of birds, fish, mammals and invertebrates.  This makes the Greenway the perfect outdoor classroom.  We focus on providing hands-on educational opportunities to all who participate in our programs.  Click on the pictures below for more information.

Hands-on activities, outdoors, in nature is the focus of Baird Creek’s educational learning and playing philosophy.


Acre by acre the Greenway is thriving due to school groups, volunteer groups, local companies, etc…working on projects with us.  We have 100s of people in the Greenway each year helping cut buckthorn (an invasive species), picking up trash, planting natives, and much more.  Our effect on the health of the Greenway directly correlates to the helping hands we have.

We also hold a variety of events each year to help fund the projects we do: trail maintenance (buying tools, fixing boardwalks and trails), restoration (prescribed burns, buying seed), preservation (buying land, maintaining land) just to name a few.  We hold an annual banquet in the spring for all our passionate members, a run in the fall, and various events throughout the year.

Because we care about nature and our community, we also offer eight free hikes a year that focus on nature, health, and educating attendees.

We are always looking for interested community members to assist with field trips, invasive species cutting days, planning events, and being involved in coming up with more great community involvement ideas!


There is a common thread to every conservation story: it begins with a landowner who makes the choice to protect their land, on their own, or working with someone who can help them do it.  As any landowner knows, that is a big (and expensive) commitment! But we know if we own it, it is protected forever. Plus, we can then share our preservation areas with visitors like you!

We have purchased over 100 acres in the Baird Creek Watershed and are continually restoring and improving this acreage to native habitat.  We have planted over 5,000 trees, and 60 acres of prairie land with pollinator friendly plants.  We look for opportunities to restore wetland areas, and create havens for wildlife and our visitors.

We are continuously looking to purchase additional acreage or work with landowners to protect land through various options; purchases, programs, conservation easements, and more.  (A conservation easement is a voluntary but legally binding agreement between a landowner and a qualified conservation organization that permanently limits a property’s use and binds all present and future owners of the land.)

Contact us if you are interested in discussing land options with the Foundation.


We’ve learned over the years that we can help other organizations acquire open space and protect land for future generations by acquiring acreage as well. We are always aiming to find the right fit for the land and those we work with.

There’s a long history behind the stewardship work we do; techniques and timing, skill and science.

After 20+ years and 500+ acres, we’ve learned quite a bit. Nature is an excellent teacher.

We are returning former farm fields to forests by planting trees—thousands of them! As they grow, they will prevent erosion and provide critical forest habitat for birds, bugs, and other wildlife.  We have restored a native forest area by planting over 5,100 trees in land the Foundation owns outside of Green Bay, and hundreds of trees throughout the Greenway itself.  Our care for all the ecosystems in Baird Creek and in the surrounding watershed is what makes Baird Creek special.

Exploring and employing an array of techniques to control the spread of invasives on our preserves is one of Baird Creek Preservation Foundation’s priorities.

We use many treatment techniques to combat invasive species in the Baird Creek Greenway.  We fight invasives such as: Garlic Mustard, Buckthorn, Phragmites, and more.  We are looking for volunteers (individuals, groups, companies, etc.), to help us stop the spread of these damaging plants.

In the early 20th century, changes in agricultural technology and population growth caused a decline in grasslands. We have been working to re-establish these once plentiful habitats by restoring areas of the Greenway to Oak Savannas and transforming retired farm fields to grasslands, prairies, forests, or wetlands depending on what their native state was.  We have in the last couple years planted over 50+ acres of native seed which has created pollinator habitats for birds, bees, and butterflies and established safe havens for wildlife.


With the help of donors, members, and volunteers, we has saved more than 500 acres of land. Today, all the people in and around the Greater Green Bay Community live within miles of open space. Get in touch today and start making the difference.