Peddler’s Challenge

Dear Treasure Hunters,

I shall formally introduce myself to this group as Constantine Peddler. I am new to the online Baird Creek community but have been riding those trails all my long and tragic life, long before any official mountain bike trails existed. Although I personally prefer unmarked and barely rideable trails that crush the souls of beginner riders, I have come to hear of your pitiful fundraising efforts for the new mountain bike skills course and my otherwise blackened heart feels compelled to contribute to this cause.


Being a man of great means, I intend to make a sizable donation to the organization. But also as a cruel and sinister soul, I hope to see a competition unfold that will test you bikers in order to raise even more funds for the skills park – pitting your weak and friendly group against one another! As such I have cunningly hidden a sizable portion of my inheritance within Baird Creek. I intend to reveal the first CLUE to the whereabouts of these hidden treasures on EXACTLY October 31st, at 8:00 am to whomever sees fit to deposit a donation of at least $20 to the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation’s skills course fundraiser. Those who make a contribution before 9:00 pm on October 30 shall receive the first clue at the designated time via email.

Whether any one will find the entirety of the hidden treasure is not certain. I have gone to great lengths and configured a variety of diabolical methods to ensure that only the person with utmost physical strength and mental cunning shall be able to discern the otherwise imperceptible locations! Those who do so in timely fashion may be eligible for additional rewards.

Despair knows no age limit and as such neither shall this event, but be advised that this day will challenge both the mind and the body. No one will make you finish, and I regretfully acknowledge that even those who do not finish will still enjoy themselves. This is what my darling Eliza would have wanted anyways, my now long deceased companion. Beware – some say she still haunts the Creek on one day a year in her last known haunt!!

I have very little use for friends, and even less so for the virtual variety, but it may behoove those of you who plan to participate to become mine at your soonest convenience I may see fit to post red herrings, misinformation, and perhaps the occasional clue between now and the fateful day!