Project Description

The Baird Creek Greenway is an ecological gem; it has at least 18 distinct biological communities, between 400-500 plant species, and supports a great diversity of birds, fish, mammals and invertebrates. This makes the Greenway the perfect outdoor classroom.  We focus on providing hands-on educational opportunities to all who participate in our programs.

See below for A FEW examples of field trip and after-school programming topic possibilities!

We offer many field trip options and can customize on request.  Topics can include animal tracks, macroinvertebrates, fish/creek, critters, nature hikes, bugs, water cycle, ecosystems (forest, prairie, wetland, creek), erosion, and much more.  We focus on teaching as we walk through the different habitats that exist in the Greenway and wading into the creek to explore the magic that exists there as well.  One way we cover water quality and the health of the creek is by identifying everything the kids catch with nets while exploring the creek.  We can also offer a variety of time options; just ask.

We work very hard to not only teach the kids facts, knowledge, and identification, but also teach them about the impact they have on the environment around them.  Baird Creek (and places like it) benefit now, and far into the future.

Our summer camps include Eco-Explorer (for grades K-5), The Creek & Its Critters (for grades K-5), Eco-Adventurer (grades 3-8), Eco-Survivor (grades 3-8) and Tag-A-Long Day (grades K-8). Every day camps are spent exploring the various parts of the creek or Greenway. The Eco-Explorer and Adventurer camps dive into each of the four ecosystems located in the Greenway: Wetland, Prairie, Forest and Creek.  Creek & Its Critters focuses on the creek and what lives there. Eco-Survivor teaches kids how to identify and use what’s around them to survive and understand nature’s impact on them! All camps have a focus on hands-on exploration, and help kids learn to explore with purpose in order to understand more about nature. They learn how to identify various critters and plants that are found around or in Baird Creek and the significance of each. BCPF teaches in a way to help the next generation understand the impact and effect of many issues so that they grow up educated and passionate about taking care of the world they live in. Seeing and understanding the cause and effect, whether on a hike or exploring the creek, is extremely impactful.

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