Project Description

There is a common thread to every conservation story: it begins with a landowner who makes the choice to protect their land, on their own, or working with someone who can help them do it.

Preserving Land

As any landowner knows, that is a big (and expensive) commitment! But we know if we own it, it is protected forever. Plus, we can then share our preservation areas with visitors like you!


We have purchased over 100 acres in the Baird Creek Watershed and are continually restoring and improving this acreage to native habitat.  We have planted over 5,000 trees, and 60 acres of prairie land with pollinator friendly plants.  We look for opportunities to restore wetland areas, and create havens for wildlife and our visitors.

We are continuously looking to purchase additional acreage or work with landowners to protect land through various options; purchases, programs, conservation easements, and more.  (A conservation easement is a voluntary but legally binding agreement between a landowner and a qualified conservation organization that permanently limits a property’s use and binds all present and future owners of the land.)

Contact us if you are interested in discussing land options with the Foundation.

Working Together

We’ve learned over the years that we can help other organizations acquire open space and protect land for future generations by acquiring acreage as well. We are always aiming to find the right fit for the land and those we work with.