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Project Description

There is a common thread to every conservation story: it begins with a landowner who makes the choice to protect her or his land.

buying land for keeps

As any landowner knows, that’s a big (and expensive) commitment! But we know if we own it, it’s protected forever. Plus, we can then share our preserves with visitors like you!

conservation easements

Many times we don’t buy land to save it. Rather, it stays in private ownership but we place it under a conservation easement.

A conservation easement is a voluntary but legally binding agreement between a landowner and a qualified conservation organization that permanently limits a property’s use and binds all present and future owners of the land.

buying land to give

Because of our expertise in buying land outright (and in securing grant money to pay for it), we’ve learned over the years that we can help other organizations acquire open space by buying it and then “flipping” the land to them. We have done this for municipalities.