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Project Description

There’s a long history behind the stewardship work we do; techniques and timing, skill and science. After 20+ years and 500+ acres, we’ve learned quite a bit. Nature is an excellent teacher.

growing forests

We are returning former farm fields to forests by planting trees—hundreds of them! As they grow, they will prevent erosion and provide critical forest habitat for birds, bugs, and beyond.

controlling invasives

Ever since people started to arrive in America, they’ve carried along trees, flowers, and vegetables from other places. Now there are so many of those plants, they are crowding out the native ones that were here from the start. Fewer of the right plants mean fewer bugs, and fewer bugs mean fewer birds and other animals.

Exploring and employing an array of techniques to control the spread of invasives on our preserves is one of Baird Creek Preservation Foundation’s priorities.

One effective approach is the use of fire to control woody invasives, like buckthorn. Prescribed burning controls non-native plant species, removes leaves and other organic matter, and creates soil conditions that favor native species.

sowing seeds

In the early 20th century, changes in agricultural technology and population growth caused a decline in grasslands. We have been working to re-establish these once plentiful habitats by restoring areas of the greenway to oak savannas and transforming retired farm fields to grasslands.