Project Description

 …Our trails are near and dear to us…

The Baird Creek Greenway is an urban gem and offers topography in a park like setting that does not exist elsewhere in the Green Bay and surrounding area.  The trails offer a wide range of skill levels and usage; hiking, walking, biking, mountain biking, etc.

The Baird Creek Preservation Foundation (BCPF) has a dedicated group of Mountain Bikers who maintain all aspects of the trails other than cutting out large fallen trees.  All trail improvements, changes, updates, and maintenance is taken care of by these dedicated volunteers.

We are always looking to make the trails safer, more user friendly, and enjoyable by all. Upcoming projects include: a bridge, trail signage, biking skills course, boardwalks.

Paved Trail

There is one paved trail through the Baird Creek Greenway.  It begins near the falls at the lower parking on Baird Creek Rd and connects all the way to the East River trail behind East High School.  The trail is perfect for those looking for a relaxing walk through nature and is handicap accessible.

Dirt Trails

There are many dirt trails running through the Greenway with multiple start and end points.  You can adventure to them from the paved trail, upper and lower parking lots, or one of the few gravel lots along Baird Creek Rd.

Biking Trails

Bikes are welcome along all the trails in the Greenway!  In addition to the paved and dirt trails, mountain biking obstacles have been added to trails more geared to those with mountain bikes.  Feel free to access the trails from any entrance.