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Why Baird Creek for Summer Camp?

  • 18 diverse biological communities, years of teaching experience, sunshine, nature…need we say more?

  • Build skills to champion healthy habitats in neighborhoods. Interact with nature and each other while having fun.

  • Spend time outside exploring, discovering, and interacting within a natural environment. Create meaningful experiences that help shape their view of nature.

  • Appreciation of nature learned through childhood experiences has life-long value.  It helps produce well rounded, educated kids who understand their environment and their impact on it.

  • Hands-on environmental exploration where kiddos ask questions about the natural world, uncover evidence at their fingertips, and draw conclusions based on personal experience.

  • We survive on donations only, it’s why we are a non-profit.  That means we charge what we do so we can cover costs of putting together these amazing nature based camps and have professional, caring, phenomenal teachers on our staff.  Any money we make goes back into trails, oak savanna restoration, forest preservation, and more. You are not supporting us, you are supporting nature!

  • Classes start each day at the Triangle Hill shelter and then exploration and adventures take place throughout the Greenway.

Our Classroom Topics

Open to kiddos entering kindergarten through 5th. A hiking we will go, a hiking we will go…it is time to put on your explorer hats and discover the four main ecosystems in Baird Creek! We will take a journey to the prairie, forest, wetland, and creek. Exciting activities are planned for each destination to certify your Kiddo as an official Baird Creek explorer! Updated from last year with more activities and fun for an even greater learning experience. We will have both our K-2 and 3-5 teachers available for each class so that all grade levels experience camp at their level.

Open to kiddos grades 3-8th who either attended a class last year or who are very knowledgeable about nature. Join us for an activity packed week where we take nature to the next level. We’ll explore the history of Baird Creek and the impact time and nature has had, along with dig deeper into what lives in the ecosystems, and spend more time in the creek. Adventure extreme!

The Creek & It’s Critters
Open to kiddos entering kindergarten through 5th. Put on your water shoes or boots and jump into our exciting week in the creek! This week will be full of games, great books, and lots of hand-on fun for everyone, including the use of dip nets and seines to catch fun critters in Baird Creek. This camp will be sure to make a splash with your Kiddos! Updated from last year with more activities and fun for an even greater learning experience. We will have both our K-2 and 3-5 teachers available for each class so that all grade levels experience camp at their level.

Open to kiddos grades 3rd-8th. With a nod to the book Hatchet…..what if you were forced to land a plane in the wilderness with no phone, no food, and no shelter? What would you do? This thrilling camp will teach you how to provide for your basic needs: clothing, shelter, food, water, medicine, and navigation. Let’s see if you can survive in Baird Creek!

Parent/Grandparent/Family Member Tag-A-Long Day:

One day, 9AM-1PM. Cost of class covers both child and adult.

Open to kiddos entering Kindergarten through 8th. Grab your hiking shoes and join us for an exciting day with your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc… discovering Baird Creek! We will embark on a scavenger hunt for treasures in the Baird Creek ecosystems, and explore the creek using dip nets to catch and identify critters. Please bring a picnic lunch for you and your kiddo as we’ll eat and then explore some more! Are you ready for this day of fun?

Grade Levels

  • NEW THIS YEAR: we are offering parents more flexibility by offering the Creek & Critter and Exo-Explorer camps for kindergarten through 5th graders so that siblings can attend the same class.  We will have our grades K-2 and 3-8 teachers at each camp so that all kiddos are taught at the level they need.  ALSO – we will be offering lunchtime care so if you would like your child to attend both the morning and afternoon camp they can stay through the lunch break.  Please contact us to arrange for coverage and fee payment (you will need to provide a lunch for your child).

Camp Details

  • Cost: $75 per child per class

  • Weekdays: Monday through Thursday

  • Times: 9:00AM to 11:30AM or 12:30PM to 3:00PM

Our Outdoor Classroom Leaders

Camp Registration

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