Why Baird Creek for Summer Camp 2023?

  • 18 diverse biological communities, years of teaching experience, sunshine, nature…need we say more?

  • Build skills to champion healthy habitats in neighborhoods. Interact with nature and each other while having fun.

  • Spend time outside exploring, discovering, and interacting within a natural environment. Create meaningful experiences that help shape their view of nature.

  • Appreciation of nature learned through childhood experiences has life-long value.  It helps produce well rounded, educated kids who understand their environment and their impact on it.

  • Hands-on environmental exploration where kiddos ask questions about the natural world, uncover evidence at their fingertips, and draw conclusions based on personal experience.

  • We survive on donations only, it’s why we are a non-profit.  That means we charge what we do so we can cover costs of putting together these amazing nature based camps and have professional, caring, phenomenal teachers on our staff.  Any money we make goes back into trails, oak savanna restoration, forest preservation, and more. You are not supporting us, you are supporting nature!

  • Classes start each day at the Triangle Hill shelter and then exploration and adventures take place throughout the Greenway.

Our Classroom Topics


Eco Explorers 
A hiking we will go, a hiking we will go…it is time to put on your explorer hats and discover the four main ecosystems in Baird Creek! We will take a journey to the prairie, forest, wetland, and creek. Exciting activities are planned for each destination to certify your kiddo becomes an official Baird Creek explorer!

Eco Experts   NEW CAMP!
Open to students who either attended a class last year, have taken our Eco Explorers class this year or are just very knowledgeable about nature. Join us for an activity packed week where we take nature to the next level. We’ll explore history, the impact time and nature has had, along with digging deeper into what lives in the ecosystems. As well as additional time getting wet while identifying fish and talking about water quality in Baird Creek!

Eco Survivors 

With a nod to the book Hatchet….what if you were forced to survive in the wilderness with no phone, no food, and no shelter? What would you do? This thrilling camp will teach you how to provide for your basic needs: clothing, shelter, food, water, medicine, heat and navigation. Let’s see if you can survive Baird Creek!

Creek & Critters

Put on your water shoes/boots and jump into our exciting week in the creek! This camp is full of hands-on fun and activities including the use of dip nets and a seine net to catch and identify the critters in Baird Creek. This camp is about getting down to the “macro” level and experiencing claws and tails in the creek. This camp will be sure to make a splash with your kiddos!

Eco Adaptors   NEW CAMP!
Ever wonder why a woodpecker doesn’t get a concussion while pecking a tree? Or how a tree creates a bandaid for themselves when they get hurt? Over millions of years, plants and animals have adapted to thrive in Baird Creek! But how did they do that and why? Join us and discover how species have adapted and why it helps them survive in our backyard! Our newest summer camp is sure to help you uncover the secrets of the four ecosystems in Baird Creek and become a true nature detective!

Eco Navigators   NEW CAMP!

Did you know that animals have a sort of a sixth sense? This helps them navigate their environment without the tools we use to navigate ours! Our Eco Navigators will learn all about navigation methods used by wildlife while also learning how to navigate in the wild themselves. Compasses, maps and a sense of exploration will be used to discover all the secrets used by Baird Creek wildlife!


  • We offer LUNCHTIME CARE so if you would like your child to attend both the morning and afternoon camp, they can stay through the lunch break.  $10 covers the entire week’s lunchtime care. Please select lunchtime care as an add on when purchasing your tickets on our events page. If you’d like to pay with cash or check, email lexi@bairdcreek.org to let us know your child will be staying & bring cash or a check made out to Baird Creek Preservation Foundation the first day of camp. The $10 covers lunchtime care provided by the foundation. We do not provide lunch! Please send your child with a peanut-free lunch that does not require refrigeration.


  • Cost: $75 per child per class

  • Weekdays: Monday-Thursday

  • Times: 9:00-11:30AM or 12:30-3:00PM

Our Outdoor Classroom Leaders

Camp Registration

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Camp Guidelines:

What to Bring: Campers will spend their time both indoors and outdoors during camp programs. Your child should wear clothes that are suitable for messy outdoor activities and shoes that can get wet, muddy, dirty… Campers need to bring a water bottle to stay well hydrated as well as a snack each day; labeled with first and last name. We highly recommend that campers bring a change of clothes and shoes each day, along with a small towel for cleaning up, and a backpack to carry it all. On light rain days we advise that your child also bring a plastic poncho; heavy rain days/stormy days, activities will be held indoor.

Lunch (if attending morning and afternoon camp): Please send a peanut-free lunch for your child that does not require refrigeration. Campers will eat lunch together during our supervised lunch break. We DO NOT provide lunch! 

Special Health Needs: If your child has special health needs, please let us know during registration. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide all necessary information to the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation prior to your child attending camp.

Staffing: In order to provide the best possible experiences for your children, all camps are limited to 15 campers. Camps are led by Foundation staff. Please plan to register early.

Rules & Expectations: Be Respectful – attentive listening; Be Responsible – of your own items, camp equipment, others space; Be Safe – listen to instructors at all times. Your child will hear these expectations in depth on the first day of camp but please share them and discuss beforehand. Thank you!

Photo Release: By registering for camps, parents/guardians’ consent that your child(ren) may be photographed and that the photos may be used in future Baird Creek Preservation Foundation publications and promotions. Please check the photo consent portion on the Medical & Consent Form. NO NAMES WILL EVER BE USED WITH THE PHOTOS!

Drop Off / Pick-Up: Campers should arrive at the Triangle Hill Chalet (unless notified differently) 10 minutes prior to the start of camp. If a child misses the departure of the group to locations throughout the Greenway, it is the responsibility of the parent to escort their camper to the appropriate location for the day. Campers should be picked up at the Chalet (unless notified differently) promptly at the end of camp. THE PERSON PICKING UP NEEDS TO BRING ID!

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations can be made up to 2 weeks prior to the start of camp. A $10 administrative fee is charged for all cancellations; the remainder will be refunded to you. No refunds are available with less than two weeks’ notice. To cancel, please call 920-328- 3505.