How to Preserve the Environment While Cycling Through a Park

If you are a cyclist, you are a member of a growing crowd who enjoys the healthy, fun form of environmentally-friendly transportation. But, as a cyclist, you still have responsibilities. Cyclists must remain alert and stay within their boundaries to preserve the environment while cycling through a park. Here are a few tips for staying environmentally conscious when cycling through a park.

1. Stay on Trails
Always stay on the designated trails and don’t get off course. By leaving the course, you can damage the habitat, destroy flora, and cause problems with erosion. Some plants have long roots, and by getting off course, you could dig a rut that kills those roots and causes problems for other cyclists. Also, it simply is dangerous and could lead to a serious crash.

2. Watch out for Wildlife
Remember, there are many forms of wildlife that make their homes in the parks. Regardless of whether it is a chipmunk, squirrel, or deer, you don’t want to collide with it. Maintain a safe speed, and be on the lookout so you can stop and avoid striking an animal.

3. Avoid Slopes
This is very similar to the staying on the trail point, but specifically covering not cycling on slopes. Slopes are dangerous, and your presence will cause damage to the plant life and soil that is there. It can lead to erosion that will negatively impact the plants in the area.

4. Pick Up Trash
Don’t leave your trash behind. If you have snacks or drinks, be sure you take the trash away in your backpack and dispose of it properly. When possible use recyclable or reusable water bottles and food containers so you won’t have to worry about disposing of as much trash.

5. Avoid Ruts
When you are cycling, use care to avoid cutting deep ruts in the ground. These ruts will damage plant roots and can contribute to erosion. Ruts will eventually collect water and cause muddy situations that could lead to accidents for cyclists passing through the area in the future.

6. Don’t Ride Your Brakes
While cycling downhill might be intimidating, make sure you have enough practice and feel safe with doing so. Don’t ride your brakes going downhill. That will damage your brakes and the trail, digging up soil and vegetation.

7. Cycling Up Hill
When cycling uphill you need to stay focused. Going uphill might take a lot of work, but you can do it without digging up the path. Shift to a lower gear and pace yourself. You do not need to keep shifting and stiffening out, ultimately causing yourself physical pain. Get practice and learn the techniques before trying to go uphill in a park.


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