Science Tutoring

Join Miss Deb every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 p.m. to ask your science, biology, ecosystems and nature questions!  Miss Deb is a retired science teacher who can help students grades kindergarten through 8th. If your student is struggling with a homework question or science concept register to participate in a Zoom video call where they can ask their questions and get help.   This is just another tool for your student to use for help as we all navigate through the changes in education this year. Miss Deb will share five minutes of a nature topic to help kids get comfortable and then she’ll leave it open for questions and discussion the rest of the hour.  Questions can be about anything your student needs help with science related!  This tutoring is free on behalf of the Proctor & Gamble and LaForce Foundation in support of the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation.

After registering for a topic below (by clicking on the register button and scrolling to the date) you will receive an email with the link to the Zoom meeting.

Tuesday, October 13th: Wildflowers & Pollinators, Open Question Time

Tuesday, October 20th: Traveling Seeds, Open Question Time

Thursday, October 27nd: Why do Leaves Change Color, Open Question Time

More to come….