Wetland Restoration Project

This project on the northside of JJ/Eaton Rd (north of the Paul Hartman Prairie) will restore 10 acres of agricultural land and 6 acres of degraded wet meadows to high quality wetland habitat and diverse grassland/forb prairie. This habitat enhancement project, including wetland scrapes, will meet the goals BCPF has to protect this watershed and help increase water retention on the greater landscape to protect/increase water quality. This project will benefit waterfowl and other wetland dependent species. Once the restoration work is complete in 2023, eventually trails and boardwalks will be built to access the area and accommodate bird watching.

Why are Wetlands Important?

Water quality is often dependent upon wetlands because they serve to trap sediment, remove nutrients, protect shorelines and slow the effects of flood water. They also serve as both discharge and recharge areas for groundwater and provide habitat for many species of plants and animals. In part due to these functions, wetlands exhibit higher biological productivity than most other community types and support rare biota. Currently, 43% of all federally listed threatened and endangered species use wetlands at some point in their life cycles. In Wisconsin, 32% of the state’s listed species are wetland dependent.

Over the last 200 years, more than 50% of the wetlands in continental United States have been removed. Much of the remaining wetlands has been degraded. At present, Wisconsin has lost 47% of its original ten million acres of wetlands. The focus of the project is to restore wetlands to the benefit of macro-invertebrates, fish, and waterfowl, restore habitat, and improve water quality.

Once the wetland restoration process is complete, there will be trails and boardwalks built, for accessing the area and wildlife viewing!!!

We’re looking for $15,000 in donations for boardwalks in addition to the $5,000 committed from Bird City Big Bay Birdathon!