Our Trails

Baird Creek Greenway is home to a variety of trails for walking, running, mountain biking, skiing and exploring. Our mountain biking trails can be classified into three areas:

  • Terrains for double track (hikers and bikers)
  • Single track
  • Highly technical sections including rocks, roots and the occasional creek crossing for the more adventurous riders
      Baird Creek trails
      Baird Creek trail map

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      Where to Park

      Triangle Hill – 500 Beverly Rd, 54311

      Lower Parking Lot – 324 Baird Creek Rd, 54311 (Apple Maps: 149 Baird Creek Rd, 54311)

      Christa McAuliffe Park – 3100 Sitka St, 54311

      McKenzie Ln (parking along street) – 185 McKenzie Ln, 54311

      Pet Rules

      Dogs on a leash no longer than 7 feet may be walked on designated perimeter or pass through walkways or pathways, parking lots serving the walkways or pathways and designated trails. Please keep the dogs off the groomed ski tracks. We ask that ALL pets be on a leash as we have wildlife in the Greenway that we don’t want scared by your adorable furry friend. Also, please remember that some humans can also be afraid of your companion, and you help ease their fear if your pet is leashed and under control. Thank you!