Current and Upcoming Projects

Native Seed Planting


In 2020-2021 the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation (BCPF) continued to work on extensive buckthorn removal along the paved trail in the Baird Creek Greenway. Working with a highly efficient local contractor we were able to remove buckthorn in 15+ acres. The next step will to be to treat the overall area with herbicide and then plant native species to establish ground control, combat buckthorn and other invasive species, and continue to increase the ecological value of the area for habitat quality, increased wildlife, and pollinator support.

Habitat Signage


In 2020-2021, BCPF finished an overall redo of the trail signage in the Baird Creek Greenway which included metal kiosks and trailhead signs, all new maps, trail information and directional arrows. The next step in improving the usability of the Greenway trail system, and to highlight the sensitive areas in the Greenway is to install ten habitat signs. These signs will match trail signage in the Greenway with metal bases and plaques that highlight the different areas within the Greenway. These will provide educational aspects throughout the Greenway, teach the public what BCPF is doing through extensive restoration work, and help our community understand the importance of what is in the Greenway!



The BCPF continues to offer education in the Greenway each year through homeschool, after-school programming, summer camps, field trips, public hikes and more. These hands-on, nature based learning opportunities strive to get the environment in front of kids and adults of all ages. We focus on creating activities, experiences and teachable moments that help everyone understand the importance of what’s around us and why we need to care about it. With the help of funding for education we can continue to teach these important lessons that serve our community, our youth, and all of nature.

Art Installment


In relation to the all new trail signage at the Baird Creek Greenway another initiative is to work with 10 different local artists to create art installment pieces that highlight the new trail names at the Greenway. The pieces will bring awareness to some of the symbolic wildlife, trees, and birds that are native to the area and create a fun draw for the community and our youth to see and learn about these local gems.

Land Acquisition


BCPF is consistently contacted by adjacent land owners to Baird Creek Greenway and the Baird Creek Watershed. Often all that holds us back from purchasing acreage and being able to add additional land for recreation, education, and public usage is funding. If we have funds we can buy land and turn it into areas of exploration, restored habitat, and recreational opportunities for our community.