Biking Skills Park

Due to expressed interest from local community members, advocates, businesses and our board, the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation has commissioned the services of Global Action Sports Solutions (GASS) and Community Trail Design, LLC to build a gateway bicycle skills park at the Triangle Hill Sports Area of the Baird Creek Greenway in Green Bay, WI.

The addition of this purpose-built mountain bike course is to provide a fun, safe, and equitable space for youth and off-road cyclists to grow their skills on a variety of obstacles. These features will be good practice before encountering the technical trail system in the Greenway. The purpose of the course will include introducing skills to beginners with a beginner track, growing skills on the intermediate track, and challenging riders on the advanced track.


Feature Cost
Professional Fees $12,000
Permits $6,000
Skills Park Features $108,000
Labor/Build $72,000
Landscaping/Prairie $12,000
Signage $18,000
Changing Pavilion $36,000
TOTAL $264,000
if asphalt not donated  +$50,000

Course Features

Start Hub: the start hub will provide a slight gravitational push to help riders overcome features that are incorporated into each track. It will include a stone wall around the perimeter and a level platform which will be both visually appealing and will serve as a gathering place for riders.

Asphalt Pump Track: a looping trail area of berms and rollers, that are ideal for kids on striders as well as professional cyclists. The value of this track is to promote rider skills.

Beginner Track (green line): the beginner line will consist of a series of constructed features with a variety of textures and shapes such as wood platforms, stone slabs, and dirt. The obstacles, features, and surfaces of the green track will help introduce riders to surface transitions, line of sight targeting, balance, and varying textures.

Intermediate Track (blue line): in order to provide additional skill building, the intermediate line transitions away from the flat hilltop and onto the slope. The intermediate track will bench cut into the slope face and use large grade reversals, changes in trail grade, and allow for flow, speed, and small airtime opportunities. The track will incorporate rock and flagstone.

Advanced Track (black line): the advanced line will take a more direct plunge down the slope and will provide riders with both exposure and technical challenges. Using steeper trail gradient, the advanced track will incorporate elements such as chunky rock gardens, rock slabs, and jumps.

Funding Goal



  • Prevea Health $10,000

  • BelGioioso Cheese, Inc. $5,000

  • Pete’s Garage $5,000

  • Nicolet National Bank $2,500

  • Private Donor $2,500

  • Private Donor $2,500

  • Wisconsin Public Service Foundation $1,500

  • Ind. Donors $1,315

  • Private Donor $1,000

  • Nsight/Cellcom Community Giving $1,000

  • Give Big Event $800

  • BayCare Clinic Foundation $500


Contact Us: 


PO Box 824, Green Bay, WI 54305