Paul Hartman Prairie & Gazebo

We are fortunate to have been inspired by a man who had the foresight, ideas, and the drive ‘to get it done’. He is one of our founders, Paul Hartman. His motto was always “plan the work and work the plan”. We, at the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation (BCPF), have followed that philosophy for over 20 years. As Paul’s memory fades, the time is now to honor this extraordinary leader for his contributions not only to BCPF but also as UW Extension/Brown County Horticulturalist for 30 years, co-founder of the Green Bay Botanical Garden, leader for Invasive Plants Removal in Brown County, establishing the N.E.W Master Gardener Program and many more contributions to our community too numerous to mention here.

We are excited to announce plans to build a gazebo and a small parking area on over 20 acres of beautiful prairie we have created on an old farm site. Paul Hartman has dedicated his life to increasing the use of native plants and habitat restoration. Our plans are a consequence of his philosophy. We would like to complete this project while he is able to enjoy it. We hope to break ground in spring 2021.

Please consider sharing this project with anyone who has come in contact with Paul over the years and we encourage all to donate so we can break ground in the spring!

History of Project Location

Baird Creek Preservation Foundation (BCPF) has restored a farm field into native prairie that is located off of County Highway JJ in the Town of Eaton. Currently, it provides habitat for a variety of wildlife, including nesting habitat for 26 species of migratory birds. The prairie is filled with native species of wildflowers and grasses which attracts many monarchs to the area each year. Areas of the prairie need additional restoration work and the Foundation would like to build a large raised gazebo and finish the prairie restoration in honor of all the work Paul Hartman has done for nature conservancy, restoration, and protection in northeast WI.

Notes About Paul

*Looking back, from beginning to end…..Paul’s career has been “hands on”…Education to Action
The Wisconsin Idea
No public servant deserves an honor more than Paul Hartman.

Paul has shared his encyclopedic knowledge of Botany extensively, beyond compare!

Bill Barry
The Prairie Project would be the first of its kind, a living tribute recognizing Paul’s extensive contribution to Northeastern Wisconsin.
Alison Frazier

Paul Hartman’s Story:

After beginning his career selling encyclopedias in the late 1960s, Paul Hartman enrolled at the UW- Madison where he received his Bachelor’s and Master degrees in horticulture. This led him to Brown County where Paul began working as the Brown County UW Horticultural Agent in January of 1976. During his 30-year career as the local Horticultural Agent, Paul became somewhat of a local celebrity appearing on TV and radio and writing a weekly column in the Green Bay Press Gazette.

In 1995, Paul co-founded the Green Bay Botanical Garden. In 1997, Paul was instrumental in raising the funds to preserve a plot of land set for development on the far eastside of Green Bay. This land was encompassed into the Baird Creek Greenway, and the Baird Creek Preservation Foundation was born.

In 1979, Paul helped establish the NEW Master Gardener Program. Paul has touched numerous Northeast Wisconsin organizations with his volunteer efforts and knowledge. In appreciation and honor of Paul’s countless hours to the community, the Foundation would like to build the gazebo and finish the restoration of the native prairie that is a perfect example of flora and fauna that Paul has championed for all these years. To honor his work we hope people will come and enjoy the birds, wildlife, and beauty of the land.