Why Baird Creek is Perfect for Your Next Field Trip

  • Baird Creek Preservation Foundation’s environmental education programs are designed to pair well with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Our programs are hands-on intensive to help your students or children experience science from a real-world view.

  • Spend time outside exploring, discovering, and interacting within a natural environment. Create meaningful experiences that help shape their view of nature.

  • Hands-on environmental exploration where students ask questions about the natural world, uncover evidence at their fingertips, and draw conclusions based on personal experience.

  • We survive on donations only; it’s why we are a non-profit.  That means we charge what we do so we can cover costs of putting together these amazing nature-based trips and have professional, caring, phenomenal teachers on our staff.  Any money we make goes back into trails, oak savanna restoration, forest preservation, and more. You are not supporting us; you are supporting nature!